Registration for the Challenger Learning Center’s Fall & Winter Break Camp is now open! Our STEAM-themed camps feature hands-on activities led by experienced educators. The Challenger Learning Center’s “Camp Challenger” strives to ensure campers have fun in a safe and educational atmosphere. At the Challenger Learning Center, campers are guaranteed focused attention with a ratio of at least one educator for every eight children.

Camp counselors, as well as volunteers, are made up of teachers, students pursuing a degree in education, adults with an extensive science background and individuals experienced with child care or best practices in education. Additionally, in order to maintain a secure atmosphere, all camp staff completes a Level 2 background check and all camp staff are diligent about checking identification of those dropping off/picking up children.

The exciting, new themes for the 2017/2018 Fall & Winter break camps are below!

Winter Day Camps 

December 18 - Escape to a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

FULL  K-1: May the Force be with you! Design character headbands, make carbonite ice cream and learn the skills you need to master the Force in Jedi Training.

FULL  2-3: Take a grand adventure through the galaxy! Escape the evil Empire on a space mission simulation, design your own lightsaber and make a Yoda puppet.

4-5: Be one with the Force! Explore the science elements behind the Force, assemble LEGO Mindstorm droids and design your own hovercraft.

December 19 - Get Your Game On

FULL K-1: Calling all coders! Learn the ins & outs of coding using Hour of Code, assemble & program WeDo LEGO creations and operate BeeBots.

FULL 2-3: Gaming galore! Design a board game, learn binary code using coding bracelets and program your own creations with ScratchJr.

4-5: Do you have what it takes to be a gamer? Develop your own gaming adventure with Roblox Studio, play human-scale board games and program the littleBits Arduino Bit.

December 20 - Insect Adventure

FULL K-1: Bzzzz! Catch your own bugs and build a habitat, use butterfly pasta to learn about the butterfly life cycle and watch Amazon Adventure in IMAX 3D.

FULL  2-3: Crazy for bugs! Use microscopes to examine insects, compete in spider string races and watch Amazon Adventure in IMAX 3D.

4-5: Become an entomologist! Collect and study ants, assemble K’Nex bugs & insects and watch Amazon Adventure in IMAX 3D.

December 21 - SHOCKING Science

FULL  K-1: ZAP! Create your own circuits using Snap Circuits, build fun contraptions with littleBits electronic building blocks and make Rudolph’s nose light up using Squishy Circuits.

FULL  2-3: Learn how to keep your holiday lights shining! Code your own creations with littleBits electronic building blocks and create flashy electronics with Light & Sound Snap Circuits.

4-5: Eureka! Create your own electronics with Makey Makey, build redstone circuits at the North Pole in Minecraft and watch a “shocking” science demonstration on electricity.

December 22 - Grossology

FULL K-1: Yuck! Learn about the nano-world and construct models of germs, draw a life-sized version of your insides and make artificial snot slime.

2-3: Ooey, gooey science! Dissect owl vomit, make artificial blood and watch a demonstration on the big-time importance of washing your hands.

4-5: Get into the grossology of anatomy! Make a candy spinal cord, experiment with stomach acid and put your own lungs & heart to the test.

December 27 - Building Engineers

K-1: Become an engineer! Build a hurricane-proof house, solve an online Rube Goldberg machine, test the strengths of different bridges and watch Dream Big in IMAX 3D.

2-3: Dream Big! Create a building that can house your entire team, design your own online roller coaster, explore jobs in urban planning and development and watch Dream Big in IMAX 3D.

4-5: Engineer creativity! Design and print 3D objects, use 3D pens to bring 2D creation into a new dimension, invent your own Rube Goldberg machine and watch Dream Big in IMAX 3D.

December 28 - Robo-Academy

K-1: All about robots! Build and program LEGO WeDo Robots 1.0, make code bracelets, find the center of gravity by making paper balancing robots and watch Robots in IMAX 3D.

2-3: Put your robotics skills to the test! Build and program LEGO WeDo Robots 2.0, build a light-up robot hand, learn binary code and watch Robots in IMAX 3D.

4-5: Robots are revolutionary! Learn what characteristics define a robot, build and program LEGO EV3 rovers, compete in the LEGO Robotics Mars Challenge and watch Robots in IMAX 3D.

December 29 - Culinary Challenge

K-1: Learn the science of the food you eat! Discover what secrets hide inside a potato chip, make ice cream and make delectable dough to take home for a treat.

2-3: Chemistry meets cooking! Learn the states of matter with root beer floats, modify regular apples into long-lasting apples and make your own butter.

4-5: Have some fun in the kitchen! Measure the speed of light using marshmallows, transform fruit juice into gummy spaghetti and make your own soda.

January 2 - Build with Blocks

K-1: Constructioneers wanted! Test your skills with More-to-Math LEGO sets, create structures with life-sized TooBeez and create a replica of the Challenger Center with Cix.

2-3: Discover the fun of civil engineering! Build your own monument, design your own traffic signs and work together to create a metropolis in Minecraft.

4-5: Build your engineering skills! Create a carnival with K’Nex, collaborate on the design of a Minecraft neighborhood to include a fully-equipped school.


Day camps are $40/day – includes lunch and materials.

Requests for cancellation must be received in writing to the Challenger Learning Center prior to camp start date. Full refunds will be allowed for written requests received two weeks in advance of the camp’s start date. Half refunds will be allowed for written requests received one week in advance of the camp’s start date. No refunds will be granted after the camp’s start date. Please allow approximately 90 days for refunds to be processed, unless payment was received by credit card.

Camps will be conducted at the Challenger Learning Center on Kleman Plaza from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., unless enrolled in extended care. Parents/guardians must designate on this registration form authorized individuals to pick up campers if parents/guardians are unable to do so. Parents/guardians and/or authorized individuals must accompany campers into the building and sign them in and out every day. Parents/guardians must always have photo ID with them and be listed as an authorized individual on the registration form. Challenger Learning Center is located at 200 South Duval St., on the corner of College Ave. and South Duval St.

Extended Care is available to accommodate busy schedules. Campers arriving earlier than 8:50 a.m. or departing later than 4:00 p.m. MUST be enrolled in the Extended Care. Campers enrolled in AM Extended Care may sign in as early as 7:50 a.m. For PM Extended Care, campers may be signed out any time before 6:00 p.m. to avoid a $1/minute late fee. AM Extended Care, 7:50 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., is $5/day. PM Extended Care, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., is $5/day. You must indicate on the registration form that you plan to participate in Extended Care and include the cost in your camp payment. Extended Care campers will not be participating in extra camp activities during extended hours.

Lunch is provided daily. Lunch includes an entree (cheese or pepperoni pizza) and a healthy side. If preferred, your child may choose a corn dog, an all-beef hot dog or a vegetarian entree. You may provide your child with snacks, money to visit the concessions stand, and/or a lunch from home if preferred.

Camper pick-up/drop-off parking is available in the Kleman Plaza parking garage or at metered street spots. Bring your Kleman Plaza parking ticket into the CLC with you and CLC staff will validate tickets obtained within 30 minutes. Please note: you could be ticketed or towed for parking at the U.S. Post Office or in the loading zone on College Ave.

Camps are designed for the enjoyment and benefit of all campers enrolled. Our goal is to be educational as well as entertaining and campers are expected to abide by camp rules. With that as the objective, we anticipate that no camper is here who does not want to be here. Should any disciplinary problems occur, camp staff will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the child’s behavior, possible remediation and/or picking up their camper. Please do not send any toys, books, electronic devices, etc. with the camper unless approved by a camp counselor. If items from home are brought, they may only be used during extended care, lunch and recess. The CLC is not responsible for lost/stolen/broken items brought from home.

Should you need additional information, please call (850) 645-7777, weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. For content/curriculum, contact our Education Manager at (850) 645-7787.

The registration form, online or hard copy (PDF), must be completed in its entirety and submitted no later than one week before the camp date. Camps are limited in size; therefore, registration applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. Registration is complete and confirmed upon receipt of full payment. You may 

  • download, complete, and return reservation form at the Challenger Learning Center in person 
  • download, complete, and fax (850.645.7784) completed reservation form to the Challenger Learning Center

DOWNLOAD RESERVATION FORM HERE OR fill out the online request form below: