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Spring Camps 2021

(FULL K-1) March 15: Spring Ahead

(FULL K-1) A new season blooms! Create a spring flower bouquet out of recyclables, make seed bursts, explore daylight savings time and summer bird migration, dissect spring flowers, experiment with chromatography and more.

(LIMITED K-1 & 2-3) March 16: Robot Rally

(LIMITED K-1 & 2-3) Enter the world of robots, from gears to computer chips! Compete in EV3 challenges, code a story with Ozobots, use robots to create original works of art, program Sphero robots to play life-sized Battleship and more.

(LIMITED K-1) March 17: Going Green

(LIMITED K-1) Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Make a “litter bug” out of recyclables, complete a leprechaun scavenger hunt, conduct rainbow density experiments, build consumable water pods, program Snap Circuits, Bee-Bots and more.

(FULL K-1) March 18: Ready, Set, Create!

(FULL K-1) Put your engineering skills to the test! Experiment with catapults, marble runs and newspaper tables, use mechanical mechanism LEGOs to construct simple machines, design, build and test life-sized structures and more.

(FULL K-1) March 19: To the Moon

(FULL K-1) Blast off! Complete the new Moon mission simulation, create glow-in-the-dark Moon portraits, design and build a lunar lander, learn about the March 29 launch of the Boeing Starliner unmanned flight and more.

April 2: Future Forecasters

Severe weather alert! Write and film your own weather report, create a cloud window to identify different types of clouds, learn severe weather safety procedures, build a personalized sun-visor and more.

April 5: Red Planet Rovers

It’s a master class in roving! Compete in an EV3 Mars Challenge, build 3D glasses and analyze images of Mars, program rovers to navigate Martian terrain, receive updates on NASA’s Perseverance, China’s Tianwen-1 rover and more.


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Day camps are $40/day – includes lunch and materials.


Requests for cancellation must be received in writing to the Challenger Learning Center prior to camp start date. Full refunds will be allowed for written requests received two weeks in advance of the camp’s start date. Half refunds will be allowed for written requests received one week in advance of the camp’s start date. No refunds will be granted after the camp’s start date. Please allow approximately 30 days for refunds to be processed, unless payment was received by credit card.


Camps will be conducted at the Challenger Learning Center on Kleman Plaza from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., unless enrolled in extended care. Parents/guardians must designate on this registration form authorized individuals to pick up campers if parents/guardians are unable to do so. Parents/guardians and/or authorized individuals must accompany campers into the building and sign them in and out every day. Parents/guardians must always have photo ID with them and be listed as an authorized individual on the registration form. Challenger Learning Center is located at 200 South Duval St., on the corner of College Ave. and South Duval St.


Extended Care is available to accommodate busy schedules. Campers arriving earlier than 8:50 a.m. or departing later than 4:00 p.m. MUST be enrolled in the Extended Care. Campers enrolled in AM Extended Care may sign in as early as 7:45 a.m. For PM Extended Care, campers may be signed out any time before 6:00 p.m. to avoid a $1/minute late fee. AM Extended Care, 7:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., is $5/day. PM Extended Care, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., is $5/day. You must indicate on the registration form that you plan to participate in Extended Care and include the cost in your camp payment. Extended Care campers will not be participating in extra camp activities during extended hours.


Lunch is provided daily. Lunch includes an entree (cheese or pepperoni pizza) and a healthy side. If preferred, your child may choose a corn dog, an all-beef hot dog or a vegetarian entree. You may provide your child with snacks, money to visit the concessions stand, and/or a lunch from home if preferred.


Camper pick-up/drop-off parking is available in the Kleman Plaza parking garage or at metered street spots. Bring your Kleman Plaza parking ticket into the CLC with you and CLC staff will validate tickets obtained within 30 minutes. Please note: you could be ticketed or towed for parking at the U.S. Post Office or in the loading zone on College Ave.


Camps are designed for the enjoyment and benefit of all campers enrolled. Our goal is to be educational as well as entertaining and campers are expected to abide by camp rules. With that as the objective, we anticipate that no camper is here who does not want to be here. Should any disciplinary problems occur, camp staff will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the child’s behavior, possible remediation and/or picking up their camper. Please do not send any toys, books, electronic devices, etc. with the camper unless approved by a camp counselor. If items from home are brought, they may only be used during extended care, lunch and recess. The CLC is not responsible for lost/stolen/broken items brought from home.


Should you need additional information, please call (850) 645-7777, weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. For content/curriculum, contact our Education Manager at (850) 645-7787.

200 S. Duval Street Tallahassee, FL 32301  850-645-7796
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Open from 10am to 10pm
12pm to 10pm Sundays

Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

The Challenger Learning Center is located on the beautiful Kleman Plaza in Downtown Tallahassee.