Telescope Pre-Launch Party at CLC

The Challenger Learning Center (CLC) will direct all eyes skyward in November when it hosts a Pre-Launch Party for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. The event is scheduled for Nov. 20 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in advance of NASA’s launch of the next generation space telescope. The Pre-Launch Party will include:

  • A free screening of the Planetarium film, “Little Star That Could” for children under 12 (accompanied by an adult).

  • A NASA speaker (tentative).

  • Demonstrations on the evolution of space telescopes in the Planetarium.

  • Hands-on activities for children of all ages in Exhibit Hall.

  • A discounted ($3.50) showing of the Planetarium film, “Exploding Universe.”

The CLC will dedicate its Homeschool Days and SCIturdays programs in October and November to telescope-related subjects:

  • On Oct. 8, the Homeschool Days theme will be Telescopes and More. Homeschool Days are designed for students K-8th

  • On Nov. 13, the SCIturday program for ages 10 and under will center on Telescope Time.

  • On Nov. 27, the SCIturday program for ages 9 and up will be Incredible Infrared.

When NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope begins science operations in 2022, one of its first tasks will be an ambitious program to map the earliest structures in the universe. Called COSMOS-Webb, this wide and deep survey of half-a-million galaxies is the largest project Webb will undertake during its first year. COSMOS-Webb will study half-a-million galaxies with multi-band, high-resolution, near-infrared imaging, and an unprecedented 32,000 galaxies in the mid-infrared. With its rapid public release of the data, this survey will be a primary legacy dataset from Webb for scientists worldwide studying galaxies beyond the Milky Way.