Camp Challenger Virtual Summer Camps

In response to our temporary closure due to COVID-19, we are offering seven virtual summer camps for completed grades K-5 (rising first graders-rising sixth graders). All camps require the use of a computer or tablet, internet access and access to Zoom software. Camp dates, descriptions and additional information are provided below:

Jun 22-26 Minecraft Geology* – Explore caves and rock formations! Discover the field of geology through a series of Minecraft projects. A Minecraft code will be provided.

Jul 6-10 Virtual Coding** – Program Dash the robot in a virtual world! Use block coding for Dash to perform various tasks, then complete a coding challenge for the hands-on Dash robot.

FULL Jul 13-17 Minecraft Engineering* – Design models of buildings, roller coasters and more! Discover the field of engineering through a series of Minecraft projects. A Minecraft code will be provided.

Jul 20-24 Robotics Challenge** – Complete daily robotics challenges with Spheros and Ozobots! Learn how to code the robots, then get creative and problem-solve the challenges. Campers will need a computer or tablet with Bluetooth capability.

FULL Jul 27-31 STEAM Smorgasbord** – Experience many areas of STEAM! Explore meteorology, crime scene investigation, botany, insects, anatomy, light and optics and zoology in this multidisciplinary camp.

Aug 3-7 Wild About Animals – Explore the wonders of nature, our world’s diverse ecosystems, and the animals that inhabit them. Zoom along on a virtual safari and investigate the science of animals.

FULL Aug 10-14 Mars, Moons & More – Campers will “blast off” to a virtual outer space in order to explore the cosmos through technology. Campers will have an “out of this world” time investigating the cosmos and conducting experiments as an aerospace engineer and astronaut.

Aug 17-21 Minecraft Habitat* – Explore the worlds in Minecraft: Education, complete challenges and investigate the properties that make them unique. Compare and learn how life thrives in a variety of habitats in Minecraft, on Earth and in outer space.

Aug 24-28 Everyday Science Edventure – Science happens every day, in every action we take and in everything we see, hear, smell and touch…science is all around us! Join your friends and our “out of this world” educators as we conduct experiments using common items, learn how our day-to-day life is a series of science experiments, and explore the science of how we stay healthy.

*$10 fee | ** $200 refundable deposit

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Each week of camp is $90. No member, sibling or multi-week discounts apply.

*$10 fee: For Minecraft Education software subscription (nonrefundable). This fee applies to Minecraft Geology* and Minecraft Engineering*.

**$200 refundable deposits: For Virtual Coding**, this deposit covers a Dash robot, gripper and accessories. For Robotics Engineering**, this deposit covers Sphero and Ozobot robots. For STEAM Smorgasbord**, this deposit covers an EasiScope and a laptop containing EasiScope software.

Deposits will be accepted and refunded via credit card. Deposits will be refunded in full upon return of the items listed above, in the same condition which they were received. If you register for one camp that requires a deposit (**), we will hold your deposit upon return of the equipment for that camp and apply the deposit to the next camp. We will hold the deposit until your last week’s equipment is returned, rather than charging $200 per camp upfront. If you do not return all equipment (or items are damaged) after the first week, we reserve the right to charge an additional deposit for the following week(s).

This form should be completed in its entirety and submitted no later than one week before the camp date. Within one week of a camp start date, we will accept registration forms if space permits. Please register as early as possible. Camps are limited in size; therefore, registration applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. Registration is complete and confirmed on receipt of full payment. Spots will not be held without payment. If payment is not received and a camp reaches capacity, your child will be placed on a waiting list for that camp and you will be notified if and when a space becomes available. You will be asked for payment at that time.

Requests for cancellation must be received in writing (via email) by the Challenger Learning Center by the Friday prior to the camp start date. Full refunds will be permitted if a request to cancel is received by the Friday prior to the camp start date, before receiving the camp kit and additional equipment. Payment will be credited back within one week.

10:00-11:00 AM: Zoom Lesson with Instructor
11:00 AM-12:00 PM: Camper Challenge (on their own with instructor available via Zoom chat or video)
12:00 PM: Lunch Break (offline)
12:30 PM: Zoom “Recess” (free time for students to talk, supervised by instructor)
1:00-2:00 PM: Zoom Lesson and Challenge(s)

Camp Kits: Each camp includes a kit with the materials necessary to complete camp activities. Kits will be left with the camper with no need to return any unused materials.


You will select select home delivery/pick-up OR pick-up/delivery in the bus ramp next to the Challenger Learning Center on College Avenue.

If you select home delivery/pick up, the camp kit and any additional equipment will be delivered to the address listed on your registration form in the morning on the Friday prior to the camp start date by. Any equipment that needs to be returned to the CLC will be picked up from your address in the afternoon on the Friday that camp concludes.

If you select pick-up/delivery in the bus ramp, you may pick up your camp kit and any additional equipment from the bus ramp on College Avenue between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM the Friday prior to the camp start date. Upon arrival, call 850-645-7773 and Education Coordinator Layne Mikesell will deliver the camp kit and any additional equipment to your vehicle. Any equipment that needs to be returned to the CLC must be returned on the Friday that camp concludes. Upon arrival at the bus ramp, call 850-645-7773 and Layne will collect the equipment from your vehicle. The drop-off window is between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Fridays, although camp concludes at 2:00 PM on Friday so you may want to drop off any additional equipment after 2:00 PM.

As a reminder, camp kits do not need to be returned; only the items listed above under **$200 refundable deposits must be returned.

Camps are designed for the enjoyment and benefit of all campers enrolled, and campers are expected to abide by camp rules. Our goal is to be educational as well as entertaining. We anticipate that no camper is attending who does not want to be. Should any disciplinary problems occur, we will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the misbehavior and discuss next steps. Counselors may occasionally mute the audio and/or video in the Zoom temporarily in order to maintain classroom management and provide instruction. However, that will not be the standard operating procedure.

Should you need additional information, please call our Sales Coordinator at (850) 645-7777 or For content/curriculum questions, contact our Education Coordinator at (850) 645-7773 or

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