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March Skies Over Tallahassee is a live show presented by the Tallahassee Astronomical Society and will review prominent constellations, stars and planet positions in the March morning and evening sky.
The zodiac constellations Cancer “the crab” and non-zodiac constellation Auriga “the charioteer” will be presented in the Learning Constellations segment. The Binocular Object-of-the-Month is the Beehive Star Cluster (M44) at the center of Cancer. The Messier Object-of-the-Month is the three star clusters M36, M37 and M38 in the Constellation Auriga. Learn what the “celestial sphere” is as we look at the sky, the Learning Astronomy Topic of the Month. Audience interaction includes two holds for questions and a “sky test” of the evening sky.
Come early as there are only 128 seats. However, March Skies Over Tallahassee will be repeated at 11:00 am for a reduced price of $3.00 for children or adults (free for CLC members). 
March Skies over Tallahassee is also included in the regular planetarium show schedule during the month.