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An Inspiring Adventure in Space Science for Grades 5 – 12



Developed by professional educators, the Ultimate Classroom includes a 2-hour space mission simulation featuring hands-on activities, an IMAX® film, and a planetarium show. They are designed for up to 32 students from grades 5 - 12. The cost of $650 includes all aforementioned activities, the required teacher in-service training, classroom curriculum materials and follow-up activities for one teacher or group leader.

During a Space Mission Simulation, team members work as scientists and engineers in our Space Mission Simulator. Onboard astronauts in the Space Station Simulator work with their counterparts in the Mission Control Simulator. These simulations provide plenty of challenges for the crews in space and on the ground. Navigating into the correct position for probe launches requires concentration and teamwork to collect vital scientific information and complete the mission.

Additionally, other members of the crew are tasked with maintaining the health and safety of their fellow crewmates. Small bodies in the solar system are also highly unpredictable objects and have been known to surprise scientists from time to time, so crew members will also need to be on their toes and ready to make quick decisions.

For more information on the space mission simulator component of the Ultimate Classroom experience, click on the following links:

IMAX® technology puts students and teachers in the center of spirited adventures and mesmerizing events in a way that no other film presentation can. Everyone will have the best seat in the house in our 287-seat auditorium.…as astronauts have said, “it’s the next best thing to being there.” The experience also includes a Planetarium show in our 50-foot, high-definition digital auditorium. Students will be able to explore the galaxy with our hi-tech projectors and sound system. The clarity and pristine nature of these shows will grasp students’ imagination and propel them into the wonders of space. 

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