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Dynamic Demos and Learning Labs

Dynamic Demos

Dynamic Demos are hands-on science demonstrations and activities that can be tailored to your individual groups. All Dynamic Demos are now aligned to current standards and the NGSS. All have great demonstrations and audience participation.

Please contact our Group Sales Coordinator at 850.645.7777 or Susan Borland at 850.645.7787 if you need additional information or are interested in scheduling a Dynamic Demo or Learning Lab.

  • Dynamic Demos are 45 minutes unless otherwise noted
  • Fee is $2.75/student with a $75 minimum unless otherwise noted

Grade Levels

Grades K-5: General Science (for multi-age groups)
Force car with string, sail, fan and magnet; Airzooka; Metal catapult; Van der Graaf generator; Lasers; Energy demos

Grades K-5: Space Science (for multi-age groups)
Drop tower; rotating platform/gyroscopes; Air pressure (bell jar, sound jar, air pressure accelerator) demos; Tuning forks 

Grades K-1: Force, Motion, and Gravity
Push/pull car; slingshot; drop tower; different masses on springs; air table; tuning forks

Grade 2: Force, Motion and Matter
Force car with string, sail, and magnet, fan, magnet; air track and hanging masses; anchored metal chain and magnet; flasks and beakers; ice, water and hot plate.

Grade 3: Light and Heat
Lasers; parabolic mirror and heat lamp; different types of light bulbs; ice, water and hot plate

Grade 3: Energy and Matter
Density blocks, different density liquids in flasks; metal catapult; Tesla coil; speaker and amplifier; electric motor

Grade 4: Energy
Pendulum impactor; drop impactor; function generator; electric motor; heat conductometer

Grade 4: Motion and Matter
Air track; air pressure accelerator; density blocks and scales; various objects and beakers; Ferro fluid; magnets; anchored metal chain

Grade 5: Electricity
Current demonstrator and battery; electric motor and hand generator; water conductivity demonstrator; electromagnets; Tesla coil; plasma sphere; Van de Graf generator

Grade 5: Force and Motion
Air track; pendulum impactor; drop impactor; masses on springs; Bernouli demos; torque demonstrator; gyroscope

Grade 6-8: Force
Motion balls; Airzooka; Air pressure accelerator; glass jug and 90% isopropyl alcohol; gravity dropper; orbit demonstrator; density blocks; small Van de Graf generator; Neodymium magnets

Grade 6-8: Energy
Current demonstrator; Tesla coil; parabolic mirror; UV lamp and lasers; convection and conduction demonstrators; Infrared thermometer

Grade 6-8: Air pressure
Airzooka; air pressure demonstrator; bicycle pump; air pressure accelerator; glass jug and 90% alcohol; vacuum pump; hair dryer; fire tornado

Grade 6-8: Space Science
Orbit demonstrator; Rotating platform; Air space and pressure demos (Bell jar, sound jar, air pressure accelerator)

Grade 6-8: General Science
Air track and accessories; Rotating platform; Large elastic band; Various lasers, acrylic block and prisms; Small Van der Graaf; Ferrofluid; Neodymium magnets

Grade 6-8: Neurovestibular System
Distortion goggles, Barany chair, Rotating platform

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Learning Labs: SCIENCE

Make Your Own Bernoulli Straw
K-8; 90 minutes; $10/student; minimum $150
Includes aerodynamics and additional Bernoulli principle demonstrations.
Students construct their own Bernoulli straw that they can take home.

Build Your Own Electric Motor
Grades 6-12; 90 minutes; $10/student; minimum $150
This lab includes some electromagnetic demonstrations.
Students build their own electric motor to take home.

Build Your Own Electromagnet
Grades 4-8; 90 minutes; $10/student; minimum $150
This lab includes electricity and magnetism demonstrations.
Students build their own electromagnet, do experiments with it, and get to take it home.

Grades 4-12; 90 minutes; $10/student; minimum $150
Learn rocketry principals and Newton’s laws of motion using alka-seltzer rockets. Students will build and launch paper rockets.

Grades 6-12; 3 hours; $20/student; minimum $300 (maximum 30 students)
In this lab students will build their own EV3 Lego robot and watch it work.
Students will program the EV3 and work with robotic arms

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IMAX and Planetarium Learning Labs are designed to accompany one of the IMAX documentaries or planetarium shows listed below. Each lab lasts 45 minutes and is designed for up to 30 students. Labs may include a make-and-take activity for each student. Fee is $3.75/student with a $75 minimum. Specific activities determined by grade level.

Wild Africa 3D
Tiny Giants 3D
A Beautiful Planet 3D
Born to be Wild 3D
National Parks Adventure 3D
To the Arctic 3D
Robots 3D
Flight of the Butterflies 3D
Humpback Whales 3D
Under the Sea 3D
Island of Lemurs: Madagascar 3D
Hubble 3D
Walking with Dinosaurs 3D
Hidden Universe 3D

Experience the Aurora
Fantastic Fractals
Black Holes
Ultimate Universe
Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Perfect Little Planet

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