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Catering and Other Vendor Information

In connection with a facility rental at the Challenger Learning Center, it is permissible to have the event catered using the following guidelines. For more information, please contact Samantha Reaves or Michelle Personette at 850.645.7827 or by email at sreaves@challengertlh.com or mpersonette@challengertlh.com.

  • Catering menus and prices are discussed between the caterer and the event organizer directly. The Challenger Learning Center does not negotiate catering menus or pricing. Any fees due to the caterer are the responsibility of the event organizer.
  • You are permitted to use a licensed caterer not listed above. Proof of catering license must be provided before the CLC approves the use of an unlisted caterer.

    Approved Bar Caterers
    Bar Caterer Contact Name Title Phone
    Madison Social Amanda Morrison Managing Partner 850.228.6817
    71 Proof LaTanya White Owner 850.443.8544

    Last Call Bartending

    Steve Copeland Manager 850.385.7313
  1. The use or sale of adult beverages in connection with an event held at the Challenger Learning Center must be approved by the Challenger Learning Center prior to making arrangements for alcohol or bar services with the caterer.
  2. The Florida State University Police Department reserves the right to deny the use of alcoholic beverages to any group holding an event at the Challenger Learning Center. Additionally, the FSU Police Department may also require off-duty officers to work as security for an event. If this occurs, the event organizer will be responsible for the additional costs involved with the security detail.
  3. You are permitted to use a bar caterer not listed above. Proof of liquor liability license must be provided before the CLC approves the use of an unlisted bar caterer.

    Approved Rental Vendors
    Vendor Contact Name Title Phone

    In Tents Events

    Kristen Stewart Customer Concierge 850.309.7626

    A to Z Rentals

    Elton Santana Owner 850.222.3211

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