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Camp Descriptions

Spring Break Camps 2016

Kindergarten - 5th Grade
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Camp Themes and Descriptions
Monday, March 14

Avenger Academy

K-2: Calling all superheroes! Use your imagination as you create your own superhero with superpowers, a cape, and a mask; complete a superhero obstacle course, acquire super powers by making green slime and save Astro from the villains.
3-5: Explore the science behind the powers of our favorite superheroes. Create your own superhero/superhero story and draw your own super comic.

Tuesday, March 15

Science of Seuss

K-2: Explore the world of Dr. Seuss making fish bowls, sky scopes, oobleck, and more. Go on a sound hunt and have a relay race balancing items on your head.
3-5: What if you ran a Dr. Seuss zoo? Make Seussical creatures and cages for your Seussical zoo and even make origami fish. Explore the writing of Dr. Seuss and illustrate your own story in the style of Dr. Seuss.
Wednesday, March 16

Survival Camp

K-2: Take an adventure to Never Neverland and learn basic wilderness survival skills like camouflage, identifying water and food sources, and basic shelter. Learn the skills necessary to thrive not only in your imagination but also in the real world.
3-5: Be part of the Neverland adventure! Learn basic wilderness survival skills like natural rope making, water locating/collecting/filtering and shelter building. By the end of our adventure, know many of the basic wilderness survival skills needed to have a fun and safe day in the forest.
Thursday, March 17
Camp O’Challenger
K-2: Discover the secrets of Leprechauns while making a marionette, green worms, and slime. Explore the world of rainbows while making a rainbow mobile using rainbow glasses and more!
3-5: Everything is green today! Enjoy activities and demos including green worms, green slime, green eggs and green snow! Explore the world of green energy using Snap Circuits.
Friday, March 18


K-2: Would you like to be a wizard for the day? Come explore the magic behind potions and spells while conducting training to be just like Harry Potter and his friends. Turn string into candy, turn water into soda, and much more!
3-5: Have you received your letter from Hogwarts yet? No need to worry, Hogwarts is coming to Tallahassee. Train to be the world’s best wizard by mastering the art of magic. Boil potions, learn defense against the dark arts, and much more before you go off to wizarding school!
Monday, March 21

Spring for Science

K-2: Have you noticed that the seasons are changing? Come experience Spring time like you’ve never seen it before. Explore the natural world close up through nature walks, scavenger hunts, and more. You can also learn how to predict the weather by studying the sun and the wind!
3-5: Why do April showers bring May flowers? Find out at this year’s Science of Spring camp! Learn about the weather by creating and building your own weather tools, studying the sky, and making your own rain storm occur!

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